Ideas for Collecting Your 2015 Halloween Costume

Are you wondering, “What should I be for Halloween?” Costumes are a big part of most people’s Halloween celebrations and Halloween will be here before you know it. Do you have any idea of what your Halloween costume will be?

If you are looking to make your Halloween costume stand out, our vast collection of accessories will give you the extra something you’ve been searching for. From high-quality costume wigs and hats to costume boots and character masks, we have something to complete all of our costumes, all at a price that will fit even the tightest of budgets.

Make the most of this 2015 Halloween with costumes your kids will love. From iconic Halloween characters and today’s trendiest designs to costumes you can buy as well as ones you can make yourself, we have plenty of ideas for how you can outfit your kids (and yourself) this October 31st.

We all do it: start brainstorming Halloween costumes sometime in August, spend more time than we’d like to admit scrolling through the infinite Pinterest jungle, and silently promise that this will be the year you make the best DIY costume your friends have ever seen…. And then it’s the day before Halloween, there are feathers everywhere, shards of fabric all over your living room, and you have no idea what to do for a costume. Don’t panic. Our wide range of last minute handmade Halloween costumes for Women and Girls sure to impress.

Unique Costume Ideas for Halloween

Unique Costume Ideas for Halloween

Fancy Costumes for Women

Costumes for Women

Keep scrolling for DIY Halloween Costume Ideas & Inspirations. On this blog you’ll find a ton of creative costume ideas for kids and adults, groups and individuals, couples and families!


How the kids in China Celebrate International Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world. The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, proclaimed June 1 to be International Children’s Day in 1925.

Every year in China we celebrate Children’s Day on 1st June, it is a great day to us because children are the future custodians of the nation, and thus providing them with a good family, social, and educational environment is a goal ardently worked for by every nation. This occasion is considered equivalent to Christmas in China. It is a time to enjoy, make fun and merry as the Chinese consider children to be the future custodians of the country.

What will the children do in this significant day? I will show you about Children’s Day celebrations and traditions in China.

Firstly, The pupils don’t have class today. Instead they perform a play celebrating the Children’s Day in school or other art centers.

Kids The Snow White Costume Shows

Kids The Snow White

fancy costume shows

kids fancy costume shows

Then in the end of the shows, some of the school will held an equitable distribution of gifts among the children.

Children's Day unique gifts

Children’s Day kids gifts

In vast majority of cities, Children’s Day is held in their own way as well. Restaurants and hotels host buffets and cook special meals, with discounts enclosed, for children and their parents. Some of the store will have kids clothes’ sales promotion.

Childrens’ Day is a day to highlight the dignity of children and their need for love, care, and respect, and instill in the children a sense of independence and national pride, so we hope you will do something special with children on that day or hold a special event in your workplace or community. The most important gift an adult can give to a child is the ‘gift of time’.

Wolf Kigurumi Pajamas and Tweety Kigurumi Pajamas

Wolf Kigurumi Pajamas

Don’t just run with the pack – lead it! When you wear this Wolf Kigurumi as a costume there will be no mistaking who is in charge. Look fierce and playful at your friend’s party tonight and when you get home exhausted from howling at the moon, collapse into bed – this kigurumi conveniently works as warm and cozy pajamas!

Tweety Kigurumi Pajamas

You’re feeling mischievious in the first cheery rays of the day and what should you wear? You go to your closet and pick the sunniest thing you can findyour Tweety Kigurumi! Fashioned after quite possibly the cutest little bird of all time, the sunny hue of this Warner Brothers character kigurumi will keep you occupied with adventures all day long. Whether you go see a movie with a buddy and you want an irresistibly adorable costume, or you just want to hang out at home in comfy pajamas, Tweety Pie is the perfect choice for added fun and laughter!

Cutest Ice Cream Cone Toddler Girls Dress Costume (2T-4T) –

Cutest Ice Cream Cone Toddler Girls Dress Costume (2T-4T) –