Novel Ideas of Halloween Animal Dress-Up Costumes

If you’re still costume-less and idea-less, it’s safe to end your “what to wear” quest now. Take a look at the most amazing gallery of creative Animal costume photos and ideas maybe you can get inspired. It’s totally appropriate to show off your wild side without worrying about having your sanity questioned.

Milk Cow Onesie Kigurumi Costume
Moooo-ve over everyone, everyone will be udderly delighted by this sweet cow. Like polka dots but want something more mesmoo-rizing? Is looking good your M.O. (O.)? Can’t find pajamas that fit your moo-d?? This kigurumi finds itself in the Cute and Cuddly section of our shop. However, make no mistake: mess with the bull and you’ll get the horns. Moo.

Milk Cow kigurumi costume for Couples

Milk Cow kigurumi costume

Child Dinosaur Costume
Clearly falls under the cute category. We can hardly imagine anything more aww-dorable!

Boys Dinosaur Costume

Child Dinosaur Costume

Lovely Pink Pig Fancy Costume
Doing a farm theme this Halloween? Then why not go as a pretty pink pig! A completely pink clothing ensemble can transform into a pig costume with the simple addition of ears and a snout. This is the absolute cutest pink pig. I love pink and I love pigs so I just had to have it.

pink pig kigurumi costume

pink pig costume

kids pink pig costume

kids pink pig halloween costume

Onesie Kigurumi Penguin Costume

Did you ever wonder why they call a tuxedo a “penguin suit?” Maybe it’s because real penguins look like they’re dressed for a formal event. Find out with this Adult Happy Penguin Costume!

Kigurumi Penguin Halloween Costume

women’s Kigurumi Penguin Costume

Giraffe Onesie Kigurumi Cosplay
In case you didn’t know that adult onesies were a thing, here’s proof. If it pains you to invest in a piece that you’ll only wear one day of the year, take heart knowing that this costume can definitely double as cozy pjs after their big debut.

Women's Giraffe Giraffe  Costume

Halloween Giraffe Kigurumi Costume


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