Wolf Kigurumi Pajamas and Tweety Kigurumi Pajamas

Wolf Kigurumi Pajamas

Don’t just run with the pack – lead it! When you wear this Wolf Kigurumi as a costume there will be no mistaking who is in charge. Look fierce and playful at your friend’s party tonight and when you get home exhausted from howling at the moon, collapse into bed – this kigurumi conveniently works as warm and cozy pajamas!

Tweety Kigurumi Pajamas

You’re feeling mischievious in the first cheery rays of the day and what should you wear? You go to your closet and pick the sunniest thing you can findyour Tweety Kigurumi! Fashioned after quite possibly the cutest little bird of all time, the sunny hue of this Warner Brothers character kigurumi will keep you occupied with adventures all day long. Whether you go see a movie with a buddy and you want an irresistibly adorable costume, or you just want to hang out at home in comfy pajamas, Tweety Pie is the perfect choice for added fun and laughter!